Online dating has been seeing rapid growth in recent years, as more and more people go on the internet to seek partners for various purposes such as a casual encounter, a life partner or getting married.

In this blog article, I will summarize the psychology behind online dating and introduce you to 3 dating websites popular in English-speaking countries.

*This article is written in English and Japanese.


新しい出会い方 ーオンラインの出会い


The new way to meet

In general, Japanese women are reluctant to share contact information with a man during a new date. That is why video-chat during Zoom at the first meeting is important.


Over Zoom, people can be more relaxed and have conversations close to those in reality. It makes one feel safe and secure by conducting meetings at home.


Matchmaking services of various kinds are popular in Japan — setting up meetings or arranging activities for people to interact. Official data is not available, but at least tens of thousands of people use these services every year seeking a partner.


This is how it is usually conducted:


An MC organizes the meeting by making people feel comfortable. He or she asks a few questions to the attendees to encourage participation.

質問の例:1)家での時間の過ごし方を教えてください。2)理想の結婚生活は何ですか? 3)あなたの夢は何ですか?


Questions like 1) How have you been spending your time at home? 2) What is your ideal marriage life? 3) What are your dreams? 

If there are multiple participants, then they will be divided into different breakrooms to further the conversations.

英語で読み取るオンライン恋愛の事情【英語音声配信】Blog photo


The psychology of online dating


Dating is a basic human need that has enabled our survival as long as humans have existed. To feel safe and belong to a group is important, it is more than just having a physical connection. People who seek online relationships have various purposes. 


There are those who want to have a casual relationship, there are those who want to find someone to love and there are those who want to get married, to form a family. Dating online has provided a safe start and ample opportunities for people to go through a list of potential mates before they niche it down to a few.


Since the internet transcends time and space, people who want to go to another city or another country also use online dating websites to find a potential mate far away from where they are.


Although some argue that long-distance dating is not good for a relationship, however, ever since the pandemic, people are finding creative ways to overcome it. You can read it more here.


If you can be in love regardless of where you are, then, doesn’t it prove the strength of the relationship?


The most popular dating sites in the world


Tinder is a dating website where people normally meet for casual relationships. A selection of people in your area will be displayed via the Tinder app.  If both individuals swipe right on each other’s picture, they will be paired up for conversations.


Hinge is a professional dating site and it draws a certain type of users who normally don’t search for one-night stands. This app focuses on offering a place for individuals seeking long-term commitments.



POF-Basic details, as well as an image of the user, are required upon signing up. The platform then provides a long chemistry test to assess the personality of the user. The result is used to pair the users up.



Technology is improving our lives in every possible way. It has created many miracles and it is still creating more. We no longer need to feel lonely because we can be connected through an app. People can meet each other easier and I am sure in the future, we can touch each other without being together.


This basic human need-love will never change, in fact, it is the power underneath many inventions and I am sure in the future, it will lead us to better creations that enhance our human existence.


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